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Can A Loose Tooth Be Saved? Ask Our Endodontist

August 24, 2023

Our endodontist Foundation Endodontics is an expert at relieving pain while saving our patients’ natural teeth in cases where infection, deep decay, a crack, chip or a faulty crown is at the root of the problem. But did you know that in some cases, today’s endodontic treatments can even save a tooth that has become loose? That’s another reason why being examined by an endodontist is so important before making the decision to have that tooth removed. Keep in mind that nothing looks, feels and functions as well as your natural tooth. That’s an irreplaceable truth!

By performing a root canal procedure to safely remove the infection and seal the area to prevent reinfection and/or prevent a crack from spreading, our goal is to preserve that injured tooth’s structure so that a crown can be placed to add further protection.

Thanks to advances in anesthesia, techniques and materials, today’s root canal procedures are no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. And we can often accomplish our mission more quickly than in years’ past, so the pain you’re experiencing from the toothache will be gone before you know it! 

We understand the uncertainty and apprehension a person may be going through when they are dealing with a severe toothache. That’s why our staff goes above and beyond to provide best-in-class care and personal attention that will immediately put you at ease. No one is better trained, equipped and experienced at getting to the “root” of the most complex conditions affecting our teeth, and with providing long lasting relief. Today’s endodontics has put outdated myths about root canal to rest!

If you are experiencing pain from a loose tooth, please visit our endodontist at Foundation Endodontics before deciding to have it extracted. We’re in the tooth-saving business, because nothing can replace the original equipment! Please contact our office today for an appointment.