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Natural Teeth Are The ‘Crown Jewels’ of Your Smile

February 28, 2024

The endodontist at Foundation Endodontics considers our natural teeth to be the “crown jewels” of our patients’ smiles. And while modern dentistry has produced a variety of replacement options over the years, we strongly believe that this remains true today. That’s why our practice specializes in tooth-saving root canal treatments that are all about saving those precious natural teeth whenever possible.

Here are just a few reasons why we are committed to effectively treating tooth pain while at the same time preserving the tooth for years to come:

  • Unrivaled function: Our natural teeth have evolved to become the most effective and efficient chewing and speaking machines! The sensory delight we experience from different textures of our foods, and our ability to articulate the nuances in our speech cannot be duplicated by artificial replacements.
  • Personality plus: There’s something undeniably unique and radiant about a nat
  • ural smile. The shape and color of our teeth are responsible for putting a sparkling stamp on the way we look and express our personality to others. Sorry, bridges and implants: You just don’t have the same sparkle.
  • Rooting interest: Healthy natural teeth have deep roots that help stimulate our jawbone and promote bone health. Missing teeth lead to bone loss, which affects our other teeth as well as our facial structure.
  • Wise investment: if you’re concerned about the cost of root canal treatment, think again. In the long run, the financial cost is lower than the cost for replacements like dentures, implants or bridges. 
  • Comfortable care: Thanks to our state-of-the-art treatments and anesthetics, today’s root canals are not only more effective, they are also no more uncomfortable than having your dentist fill a cavity.

If you are experiencing pain or sensitivity in one or more teeth, our endodontist at Foundation Endodontics can relieve your discomfort while saving that precious natural tooth! Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for an appointment.