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It’s Important to Detect and Treat a Cracked Tooth ASAP.

May 30, 2024

A crack in a tooth is sometimes obvious because it’s visible and causes pain. A hairline crack can fly under the radar and go overlooked for quite some time. Despite a tooth’s durability, it’s not immune from a fissure. It’s not unusual for a cracked tooth to require the services of an endodontist. 

At the office of Foundation Endodontics, we provide comprehensive endodontic treatment to help patients preserve their natural smiles. Whether you need a root canal, endodontic retreatment, surgical root canal therapy or the most delicate treatment of a cracked tooth, you’ll be in the best hands at our office. 

Grinding your teeth, constant jaw-clenching, an accident, a blow to the jaw, and chewing on ice and hard candies are among the usual suspects for causing a crack. A hairline fracture can be so small that even a dental X-ray can’t see it, but a patient can still feel it. Pain when biting into food or sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages can be an indication. If you think that one of your teeth is cracked, have a dentist or endodontist examine it. The sooner the better!

A cracked tooth can be treated with bonding, a crown or root canal therapy. How a fissure is resolved depends on its severity and location. An endodontist treats three types of cracks:

  • One that goes from the chewing surface down to the root. The crack may travel below the gum line and even into the pulp and root. That situation calls for root canal treatment. 
  • One that has divided the tooth into distinctive sections and can’t be restored to its original condition. The split’s location and severity decide if any of the tooth can be saved. An endodontist can sometimes save a viable portion of the tooth. 
  • A vertical root fracture that starts at the root and goes up to the tooth’s chewing surface. An endodontist can perform surgery to determine if part of the tooth can be saved by removing the fractured root. 

At the office of Foundation Endodontics, our team of skilled professionals provides the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care. Our specialists perform treatments with the utmost precision and gentle touch. Please call us today for an appointment.