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What is an Endodontist?

As trained specialists, endodontists use the latest diagnostic and treatment technology to save teeth in which the dental nerve and vital inner tissues get compromised. They provide the expert care needed to maintain teeth with complex root anatomy, fractures, previous root canal therapy, and other treatment challenges. Endodontists also treat dislodged or "knocked out" teeth to preserve the health and integrity of one's natural smile.

In addition to completing dental school, endodontists receive two or more years of additional post-doctoral training to become specialists in their field. Although all dentists have the training to perform root canal procedures, endodontists have the additional didactic and clinical training needed to address every issue affecting tooth vitality with the utmost expertise.

With their advanced education, experience, and skill set, endodontists provide the diagnostics and care needed, including non-surgical and surgical procedures, to save teeth and preserve natural smiles.

Dedicated to patient care & comfort

Endodontists maintain an unwavering commitment to patient comfort and the highest standards of care. They incorporate the latest techniques and use the most advanced technology to make every patient's root canal experience more precise, comfortable, and stress-free.