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Endodontics Patient Reviews

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I had great experience with Dr. Lewis Michael who kindly added me to his list as I was in severe agony. I was so impressed by the kindness and professionality of the staff. Needless to explain how Dr. Lewis was so fast and skillful. I am really thankful to Dr. Lewis and all staff members.


Dr. Lewis is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable. All his equipment is state of the art. My procedure, that could take 3 hours elsewhere, was done in 30 mins as a result of his expertise. I highly recommend Dr. Lewis to anyone needing root canal therapy.


I came here for a root canal last week. I never had one before, but Dr. Lewis assured me they were quick and painless. He was right, I was in and out in 30 mins with no pain. Also, it was a brand new facility, it was a very clean, very professional setup. It definitely exceeded my expectations.


I had 2 root canals done by Dr. Lewis. It was so painless. I literally didn’t feel anything. He was so gentle and really cared about making sure I was completely numb before performing the rt canals. I was seriously shocked by how quick and painless the whole thing was. I highly recommend Dr. Lewis, he really cares about his patients and taking his time to make sure the whole experience goes smoothly. I will definitely be returning if I need any work done in the future. He even worked around my financial situation for payment plans. Absolutely 5 stars all around for Dr. Lewis and his staff !


Doing this review for my mom! She stated the office and staff exceeded expectations. The root canal procedure was painless and took less than half an hour. Dr. Lewis was very efficient. Would highly recomend. Receptionist was also very friendly.


Dr Lewis was friendly, reassuring and immediately offered information about the procedure and expense. The procedure itself required much time and was done as quickly and skillfully as at all possible. I highly recommend Dr Lewis and his staff for the endodontics--root canal procedure.